Proper management of the fundraising process for non-profit organizations

Many nonprofits have difficulty in fundraising processes, and especially nonprofits in their infancy. Out of thousands of applications for donations to charities that are submitted each year to philanthropic foundations, only about one-fifth are answered in the affirmative. Undoubtedly, the lack of experience and familiarity with the world of philanthropic foundations, private donors, etc. largely creates these difficulties. It is important to understand that the response of foundations and donors to the request for donations to non-profit organizations relies heavily on the information provided to them regarding the non-profit organization, its goals and conduct. Philanthropic foundations as well as private donors are not happy to give their money in case they fear that it will not be utilized effectively.

There is great importance in the fundraising process for making connections and understandings with the body to which the request for donation is directed. As time goes on, there is a noticeable trend in which donors seek to be more involved, out of a desire for a sense of satisfaction from their contribution as well as appreciation for it. Naturally, cultivating a relationship with the donor organization strengthens the likelihood of receiving donations from the same entity over time. For example, inviting donors to the association’s offices and the arena of its operation will strengthen their sense that their money is being used for the purpose for which they donated, and that their donation is appreciated.

This does not mean that an association must act when raising funds in front of only one donor body. Most often, associations receive support from a number of philanthropic foundations, organizations and / or private donors. Philanthropic foundations may close even after many years of activity, so it is not advisable to rely on a single foundation.

The secrecy with which many philanthropic foundations operate also does not facilitate associations when developing resources and the fundraising process. Therefore, many nonprofits rely on the services of companies that specialize in the field of fundraising for nonprofits. The familiarity of these companies with philanthropic foundations, נערות ליווי בתל אביב | escort tel aviv | שירותי דרך לרכב organizations and large donors allows the selection of the right bodies to turn to, both in terms of the goals and values ​​that guide them, the scope of donations they usually make, the right periods for submitting applications and more.